G.A.S.E.T ( GETCA Inc. Advanced Search Enhancement Technology )

    An Interactive - AI Powered Search solutions with personal touch, employing Intelligent Web surfing technologies /
    techniques, like: QA (Question Answering), NLP/G/U (Natural Language Processing / Generation / Understanding),
    enhanced Multimedia Search, and our Power Search Features (Utilizing: Multitasking, Multistage and Multifaceted              
    Web Pages Content Analysis and Extracting capabilities). It also make use of our Tested Semantically, Contextually           
    and Conceptually Knowledge Extracting Techniques, which is more (Versatile) than the Current "1990s" Keywords            
    based Web search technologies, used by major search engines.   

    Special Features,

  •  Interactive:  Dialogue-based web search capability, with a personal and Informative touch  
  •  Intelligent:  AI Powered with Semantically (Multitasked - Multifaceted) analysis capabilities
  •  Inclusive:  Searching (Multimedia, Blogs, Books, etc) Web resources, All under one roof
  •  Innovative:  A Superior "Out of the Box" philosophy, without "Reinventing the Wheel" task
  •  Implemented:  Partially Functional, Yet More Advanced than "Standard" Search Engines

    In Plain English: A system which you could Talk to directly, "Ask" questions and Seek clarifications. It will be able
    Analyse for you Dynamically hundreds of potential search results / Web pages, by starting an Informed / Friendly
    Dialogue and present you with Innovative answers. In order to get Good results using standard search engines,
    you have to be a Web Wizard with strong knowledge in the subject which you are searching, yet with our GASET                 
    all what you have to be is yourself ... You will enjoy the ride.

    Our Mission
    At GETCA Inc. we do believe that a "New Era" in Web Surfing has began, Specialized Search Engines, which
    employs: AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLP/G/U (Natural Language Processing/Generation/Understanding), QA
    (Question Answering) and Semantically oriented technologies, supported with Interactive web know-how, is
    in its way to eventually dominate the web surfing future. "Day To Day" Web surfers and even Search Engines
    experts will view the problem of time wasted by web surfers on analyzing / verifying unrelated search results
    provided by "Standard" search engines and the (Lack) of innovative - dynamic search methods, as one of the
    most important Challenges facing the new web.

    In the Near Future Web Surfers will have to Choose between receiving "Millions" of pages from Google SE
    as a result of their search, and yet spend a lot of time trying to Extract valuable info from it  ..  OR ..  (Spend
    Less than 30 seconds) intelligently chatting with our Friendly and Informed system, helping it to Semantically
    Analyze, Categorize and Enhance Web search results in accordance with the Principles of their search needs,
    and present it in a more efficient and dynamic way, utilizing our Innovative web search technologies such as:
    (QA, AI Enhanced Multistage / Multifaceted Power Searching, Interactive Results Verifying, etc).

    Stop Wasting Your Time Searching The Web for Words,

                        Our AI Powered System will Provide You with ... Knowledge

    Too Bold? Maybe, yet we invite you to continue reading our Website Pages and the Attached Documents to
    have a better understanding of our projects Potential Capabilities and Features, we are sure that eventually
    you will agree with experts in the web search field, that our Innovative system will help Navigate the web in
    a more Intelligent way, saving time by introducing you to the new web searching frontiers.

    Our Achievements in the fields of Web Based Knowledge Extraction - Enhancement and Utilization (WKEEU)
    Technologies, Supported with "Multifaceted / Dynamic Concept" Apprehending and Query Domain Targeting
    Tech (QDTT), provided us with a (2) flavours product: the Innovative and Interactive Search Engine which
    we named it (G.A.S.E.T), and an enhanced B2B version of our technology (powered with Autonomous Agent
    oriented Technologies) which we named it (G.B.S.E.T),Together they will "set the stage" for our company to         
    establish its Posture as the developer of the next AI Powered - semantically enhanced search engines.

    Presenting, our AI Powered Web Search Solutions,

    The Interactive and Intelligent Search Engine:

    G.A.S.E.T (GETCA Advanced Search Enhancement Technology) Project  /  Beta Version 3.6

    And our Inventive Implementation of  Autonomous B2B Services:

    G.B.S.E.T (GETCA Business Services Enhancement Technology) Project  /  Beta Version 2.4

    > The (G.A.S.E.T) system targets groups such as: All-Purpose Web surfers who seek Semantically Enhanced /
    AI Inspired Web Search Tools. And on the other hand, users of the "Traditional" web based B2B (Business to
    Business) services, who seek an intelligent, and multitasked B2B technologies - applications, will benefit form
    G.B.S.E.T various Interactive / time saving techniques, which will give its users a competitive edge over other
    business (B2B based) search engines. Futuristic Enhancements of our technologies will be supervised by our:  

    Highly Appraised Strategic Steering Committee.

    > To have better appreciation of our project advanced AI Powered capabilities, you are welcome to evaluate
    our Inclusive  Financial ,  Technical  documentations and  Demos / Videos , we also welcome Offline / Online   
    Testing of our Downscaled Versions of GETCA projects (Intranet based Implementation - in both Java / C#).

    << You are also welcome to check our  Customizable Solutions (Clients include: Global Firms, R&D, etc). >>
    G.B.S.E.T ( GETCA Inc. Business Services Enhancement Technology ).

    This is a Powerful Business Analysis model with Interactive - AI Powered Web based B2B Capabilities, including
    a Dynamic Evaluation Tools for financial data, its Innovative Technologies such as: E-Negotiation, Multitasking of
    Commercial Activities, Multifaceted E-Matching and our innovative (Autonomous Web based Agents Technologies)
    (Not Available on Other B2B Websites), allow our system to Autonomously supervise and handle multiple financial
    Factors and Transactions (Which is usually conducted Manually on Standard B2B websites) and Illustrate to the
    user more than 38% of the data as a Smart and Interactive Diagrams.

    Special Features,

  • Clear:  Designed to virtually Interact with the users in a Friendly and Informative manner
  • Customizable:  Addressing each user Unique business Requirements and Qualifications
  • Comprehensive:  Full Integration of the web based business data, Resources & Tools
  • Continuity:  Intelligent services support (From A to Z). Not just another "Yellow Pages"
  • Connectivity:  Verifying / Matching users with Potential business Resources - Partners

    Straightforward Talk: G.B.S.E.T is not only an Intelligent B2B oriented Search Engine, its also a Web Based Virtual
    assistant which you could Talk to it directly, Ask Questions about products prices, specification, etc. It will be able to  
    "Contact" in your behalf hundreds of (Carefully) chosen Clients, Start an Informed - Friendly Dialogue and Initiate a
    Semiautomated follow up process, presenting you with credible and globally oriented results - leads.

    We Welcome Feedback of G.B.S.E.T ( Technology ,  Features ,  Videos - Demos  and  Screenshots ) Profiles.

    (( Are We Another "Clone" or Minor Enhancement Of Google™             ))

The Answer is a Straightforward ... No

To the contrary, we are simply stating that the Traditional Search Engines have many flaws. Despite
their massive hardware capabilities which gives them confidence due to their capacity for speed and
number of results, online web surfers, on the one hand,
"Waste" their precious time Analyzing web
pages which do not match their Query
"Spirit", and on the other hand "Miss Better Results" due to
the current lack of suitable web surfing techniques - tools and/or Linguistic Background (Example: to
choose Buy or Purchase / Search in Context or Concept).

The Solution

An Intelligent and Interactive Web search tool, created by us known as G.A.S.E.T, and its equivalent
G.B.S.E.T B2B search engine with the
(Semi automated) tasks handling options, geared for the B2B
community so as to save time and effort.

The Proof

Can be found in the text of this Website. Please keep in mind that we only applied +/- (80%) of our
projects Basic features and only
(15%) of our advanced AI Based Technologies, due to our current
(Temporarily) problem of having
Insufficient Hardware Capabilities. Still, we are very confident that
(BETA) version of the projects showed enough evidence to "Proof" its technical capabilities and
innovative features ... Though it is yet early for our Big Bang:

According to
Google and Major search engines, our project R&D dedicated website: gaset-gbset.com
has been ranked in the "Highest" positions, for 20+ Queries which represent our Main Technologies
and Features! Even though its not yet a
Fully functional search engine!:

Plus Major Metasearch Engines, Which Suppose to Provide a Combination of "Inclusive" Search Engines Results!:

We were also surprised that The so-called "Intelligent" Search Engines, Which Claims to have implemented
an advanced technologies. Yet, giving results
identical to the one you get from Standard search engines?:

We even managed to give our project "Old" and limited introduction on code.google.com a High ranking !!

(Check: our G.A.S.E.T Project:  http://code.google.com/p/gaset  and G.B.S.E.T Project:  http://code.google.com/p/gbset/ )

<< So, What's That Prove ?!! >>  Well, its odd that we were capable (with minimum effort) to "Manipulate" Google™
analyzing and ranking Formulas (Which BTW was uncomplicated in comparison to our own technology), and
our project dedicated website (Again: Not Yet a Functional Search Engine !??) in a Higher Google ranking, than other
well established AI - NLP oriented websites and search engines, such as:  
MIT ,  IBM  ,  Stanford ,  Microsoft , etc.

It's also proof that
Standard search engines lack the needed Innovative / dynamic ranking formulas with semantically
enhanced Web analyzing techniques. Another point to be taken into consideration that the previously mentioned
Standard and "Supposedly" enhanced semantic Search Engines, gave Similar Results Ranking ! And Results Structure
(called: Snippets) to the
Same Queries!, With Similar web search features! (  Please Click Here  ) A proof that it utilize
Similar traditional technologies.

So is it
"If it's not broken don't fix it" Myths? Or simply getting stuck in the 1990s conventional way of web search?
    Interactive - Intelligent and AI Powered Technologies ... The Web New Frontier
You !
AI + B2B
    Important Fact:

    GETCA/Jo Inc. Current (Partial) implementations of its Semantically enhanced
    Web search Technologies and Techniques was Tested for the first time (As an
    Intranet Based System) in: December / 2 / 2006, Yet ....

    "Limited" enhancement to The Google Query / Results Page (By Suggesting
    Query Enhancements) and Aged Thesaurus replacement options was initiated  
    late 2010 !!

Should you have any further Questions / Inquiries, Please do not hesitate
Contact us , and one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Its Not Going to be Another Google "Clone" Nor Enhancement,

  • But Rather an Intelligent and Interactive Web Search Experience,

  • Providing Users with Inclusive Search Results in Innovative Style!
    V. Important Note: The following is Screenshots of our GASET and GBSET Beta / Testing
    Platforms, with Only a Partial Implementations of our Tools - Technologies (Yet Still More
    Advanced Than Other Competitive Systems) ... The Inclusive Launching of GASET - GBSET
    Systems and GETCA Inc. Additional R&D Projects (Examples: Social Web, E-learning, AI,
    Robotics, Psychological / Autism Treatment, etc.) Will be Available in The Near Future.

     << Yet, there is an Inherited setback which effect main search engines using Traditional keyword based search tech! >>

    Yet, to fix such Inherited problem, Traditional Search Engines need to Restructure its tools in a different way, utilizing Semantic,
    NLP/G/U and AI Powered analysis technologies, a (Costly) process which will effect its current business structure and traditional
    Web search methods, and a financially (Risky) procedure for established business. Yet when the AltaVista™ search engine was
    challenged by Google™ founders, they didn't see at that time the obvious technological Advantages of the Pagerank Logarithm,
    the rest is history, although Its odd that the Pagerank Logarithm is currently Minor factor for ranking websites! The Technology
    is now moving toward AI / Semantically Enhanced Web Search Technologies, a road which we had traveled since 2006.

    On the other hand our technology will make possible the appropriate elimination of Un-innovative Results, and There will be no
    way whatsoever to "Manipulate" our semantically (autonomously modified) formulas and ranking factors, Not Even By Us!

    GETCA Inc. Is partnering with the previously mentioned prestigious Consortium's to support futuristic
    migration of its products - technologies toward Its Next Phase. Implementing such strategy required
    R&D Centers and other similar operations will continue to operate in Italy, Canada, and Egypt.

    In order to realize such strategy, and to take our partnership to its next stage, a delegation of Italian
    Parliament Members and top executives representing our partners and shareholders visited Dubai
    from 4th to 7th April.

    High level meetings was held with: Ministers, Government Officials and other Experts representing
    the UAE Government, both parties discussed the Expo 2020 and Dubai Smart City initiatives.

    The Italian Delegation consisted of:

  • Italian Parliament Member: The Honorable Senator Francesco Scalia.

  • Telecom Italia Group was represented by: Mr. Pietro Kostic, President R&D at Olivetti S.p.A t /                              
    President of Uniteam S.p.A and the President of the GAT JLT.

  • Infordata Group: Mr. Maurizio Tufo, CEO and Mr. Mario Calamita, S C

  • EUROTEKNE Ltd: Mr. Pasquale Raucci, CEO and President

  • GETCA Strategic Steering Committee: DR. J Alsadi, Dr. B Abu Shawar and Dr. R Ghnemat

Check which website came in at "No. 1" !!:  Google QA NLP  -  Yahoo Autonomous QA  -  Bing AI B2B

(Yet Experts will confirm that Standard SEO tools were Not used to "Enhance" our Ranking)
Welcome to the website of GAT (Gharbeyah for Advanced Technologies) L.L.C UE. an ongoing Dubai, UAE based
partnership (June 2014) between
GETCA - JO Inc. and the following international firms as GAT UE shareholders:

The original GETCA Inc. was established in
1991 as a IT / software development firm, and has been specialized
2005 in Semantically Enhanced / (AI Powered) search engines and B2B (Business to Business) solutions,
Supported with
Interactive and Semi supervised Web search techniques, which Incorporate Autonomous Web
urfing capabilities and a multitasked - multifaceted Web contents analyzing Technology.

Such solutions demonstrate our Operational base of Knowhow and vast semantically oriented Tech Resources.
Our staff expertise in (AI based) Web technologies has been
Tested - Implemented in a variety of Web based
applications, eventually they will be able to Implement our
Next Strategic Phase, by (Migrating) our Innovative
Technologies and Intercorrelated Web Databases from its current Intranet based
 Testbed  to a more Suitable
Web Based Platform. We expect to accomplish this task soon

In its attempts to tap into new markets and to adapt into more innovative technologies, GETCA-JO Inc. joined
forces with the prestigious Telecom Italia Group Members:
Olivette S.p.A / Uniteam - Wincat S.p.A., the result
was a Joint Venture covering numerous high-tech systems and dealing in strategic projects such as:
Airports -
, eLearning, eGoverment, Smart City, Robotics ... Etc.
Copyright © 2007-2014 gaset-gbset.com

A meeting was held last Thursday March 30 2014 between DR. J Alsadi, Dr. B Abu Shawar and Infordata /  
Mr. Mario Calamita) in Rome to further discuss project  related issues.

An agreement was signed between Olivette S.p.A , Uniteam - Wincat S.p.A (members of Telecom Italia
) and Mr. Wiam Gharbeyah  to use the GAT Dubai UE as base for projects related
to its new Airports RFID oriented systems, the agreement covered the GCC region
and will be expanded to cover the MENA region in the early future.